The Quiet Word

The "Quiet Word" newsletter is one of our channels of communication - meant for everyone from the casual enquirer to the seasoned Friend. We like to think that it helps in some small way towards promoting a sense of belonging - especially for those who do not often to get to Meeting or Area Meeting. The Quiet Word aims to be a vehicle for valuable information, exchanging ideas and, of course, our "Quaker family" gossip.

Please note: The Quiet Word is not currently being published.


In this issue:

Leeds City of Sanctuary
Leeds Area Quaker Meeting
Modern Slavery
A case for Quaker Conservatism
Modern Quakerisn vs the teachings of Jesus
Building a better economic system
BREXIT: What future for climate and environment
Peace and Green Fair
Your daily pinta
A visit to a recycling plant
Are we true to our Quaker faith?