quaker commandment

What is Quaker Quest?

Quaker Quest is a relaxed, friendly course
where three Quakers share their spiritual
experience and journeys giving participants
a wide range of points of view.

There is ample opportunity to explore the topics
and to ask questions.

Quaker spiritual practice

Quakerism is a way of life rather than a set
of beliefs. Quakers seek to experience that
of God directly, within themselves, in their
relationship with others and with the world
around them.

The bedrock of the Quaker way is their
silent meeting for worship where they can
be open to the Spirit of God. During the
meeting for worship some may feel moved
to speak, anyone can speak; all are equal.

Every Quaker will find their own interpretation
of the word ‘God’ but they all have a great
deal in common. For example many have a
strong belief in Jesus Christ as their saviour,
others recognise that Jesus was a good
man whose example is worth following.

This makes for a rich and diverse company of Quakers.